Al Hamd o Lillah Another Milestone Achieved


Space Education and Awareness Directorate, SUPARCO is pleased to inform you that World Space Week 2019 has been successfully organized across Pakistan according to the new scheme. Hundreds of schools and educational institutions along with thousands of participants enthusiastically took part in the competitions from the farthest corners of Pakistan to win the prestigious titles and accolades. It is my great pleasure to inform you that your school is among the winning schools of World Space Week 2019. The winners are categorized into three categories (i). ‘Best Space School’, (ii). Space Awareness Initiative’ and (iii). ‘Space Enthusiasts’. To view the detailed [...]

Al Hamd o Lillah Another Milestone Achieved2020-02-01T21:01:07+05:00

Dar-e-Arqam schools Won A.H.Kardar CUP 2018 PCB


Alhmdulillah..... Dar-e-Arqam schools Won “A.H.Kardar CUP 2018 PCB” by defeating Aitchison College by 74 Runs in final at LCCA, A huge victory indeed all praises to Allah for astonishing victory , Congratulations to all #Arqamites Family .. ?? CEO Dar-e-Arqam Schools Mr.Waqas Jafri,President DSL Mr.Amir Cheema, General Manager DAS Mr.Ali Raza, General secertry DSL Mr.Jahangeer Eisar and Sports Head DAS Malik Nasar’s Group photo with the Winning team.

Dar-e-Arqam schools Won A.H.Kardar CUP 2018 PCB2019-02-08T16:23:38+05:00